EPS is Expandable Polystyrene. A versatile plastic available in the form of sheets in varying thickness, moulded and cut pipe section for low temperature insulation of cold stores to preserve perishables, industrial plants operating at temperatures below ambient temperature, thermal insulation in building and versatile packaging material which can be moulded into any shape and design for packing electronics, glassware and other fragile products. Milky snow white EPS improves present ability of the product packed in it. EPS is also used for manufacturing ice boxes, picnic boxes and containers to keep the food hot.

EPS – Applications

EPS has a very diverse usage . Majorly it is being used in the packaging industry for the safety of the goods I.e
Home Apppliances, But it is used in Helmets for head safety during accidents. It is used to preserve items in cold or hot temperatrure, as it can sustain in any temperature So it is being used to preserve the food & the medicines in Pharmaceuticals.
EPS can be designed & modified as per the needs & requirements of the organisation or customer.

Eps- Grades

EPS doesn’t have a wide range or grade. It totally depends on the customer’s requirement. It quality depends on the weight which can vary from 0.25gm to 1.5kg per pieces.
We design the product as per need

We are majorly into Home Appliance – Coolers,Geyser,Heater,gas Stove,Quartz Heater,RO & many others.
We are supplying to many Helmet Industries also.
We have been supplying to Pharmaceuticals companies to preserve the tubes of varies size in mm.

Evaporative Cooling Pad – Cellulose Pad
Honeycomb Cooling pad – Cel Dek Pad

We are engaged in providing the best quality range of Evaporative/Cellulose Cooling Pad. These Cooling Pads are useful to decrease temperature from the high level to lower level. The cooling pad provided generally used in coolers for absorbing water for providing maximum cooling air. This combination of moisture and a steady breeze can lower indoor temperatures by as much as 30°F.Its Eco-friendly by nature and Economical to the user.  Evaporative cooling pads are saturated with water, sprayed onto it through prefixed channels. Warm or hot Fresh Air, which is passed using a fan through the wet Pad. Water evaporation starts when it comes in contact with the warm/hot air which leads to cooling as well as humidifying the intending fresh air in the area. These Evaporative Cooling Pads are made of using the superior quality raw material to ensure that these are in compliance with set industry standards. In addition to this, we provide this evaporative pad to our clients in bulk quantity at reasonable price


HONEYCOMB COOLING PAD can be used anywhere to reduces the ambient temperature.Pads are being used in shopping malls,marriage halls,convention center & any big space needs to be chilled.
Its being used majorly in Poultry farms Hatcheries or Forticulture also to develop an artificial ambient temperature for the better results.
Major use of honeycomb these days is being seen in Domestic & Industrial Coolers. Which is better for the live hood as it reduces the infection & bacterial chances.


We offers a wide range of products to our customer.
economical High Quality as per the needs & Requirements.
N1 – Highest Cooling efficiency with top results but not economical.
N2 – Economical but doesn’t give that high standard cooling majorly used in Domestic Coolers
N3– These are colored Pad as per the choice of Customers. Results are same as our N1.
N4– These are Developed for Poultry Farms,Forticulture they are rough & rigid Which can sustain easily in outdoor conditions.